Forum Rules Amendment I: Redundant Threads (9/18/05)

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Forum Rules Amendment I: Redundant Threads (9/18/05)

Postby Komachi » Fri Oct 21, 2005 8:33 pm

The First Amendment to the Forum Rules hereby pronounces an immediate death sentance upon all redundant forum threads.

In the interest of keeping this forum free of multiple posts of the same topic, the moderator (Komachi) will lock and delete all posts deemed redundant in nature.

As is the moderator's policy on fair discussion and his wish that all voices, thoughts and oppinions to be heard, all postings in said redundant threads will be cut and pasted into the appropriate thread with no alteration to poster's comments (taglines and gifs may be omitted), unless there's a computer glitch that occours en transit or inapropriate language (unfiltered) contained within said post.

Redundant threads will last 3-5 days past the date they are locked before they are deleted.

This Amendment may be repealed under new moderatorship.
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