Old LAL passenger cars - NYC?

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Re: Old LAL passenger cars - NYC?

Postby jhdeasy » Wed Oct 21, 2009 6:48 pm

Otto Vondrak wrote:
VTM wrote:Net result: there must have been a car somewhere on NYC which was named Thomas E. Dewey. My understanding is that NYC did not name coaches. Again I defer to NYC authorities.

I thought the same thing, but it turns out they had a number of named coaches.

I think I may have unearthed part of the mystery...

http://www.canadasouthern.com/caso/NYC- ... tsub=dewey

This roster shows NYC coach 2564 (built 1941 as a 56-seat coach) was the "Thomas E. Dewey," and that the name was indeed applied to it in 1954 (after Dewey had left office). This roster also shows the car retired in January 1967 and no disposition. At some point, the "TED" nameplates must have been transferred to the 2952 (built in 1947 as a 56-seat coach) prior to delivery to the LAL. The same roster shows 2952 was retired in June 1966 and "sold to LAL."

The second coach, 2562 (built 1939 as 60-seat coach) was retired September 1965 and "sold to LAL."

While I love all things New York Central, I think the LAL-styled letter boards look sharp on those stainless cars!


I concur with Otto's facts and conclusions.

To the experienced eye, there are easily recognizable exterior differences between the 56 seat coaches built by Budd in 1941 for the Empire State Express (such as 2564 which had the THOMAS E DEWEY name applied in 1954) and the 56 seat coaches built by Budd in 1947 for general service on NYC. The car named THOMAS E DEWEY in the above photo is a 1947 vintage Budd coach, not a 1941 vintage Budd coach . As Otto discerned, the THOMAS E DEWEY nameplates were probably transferred from the damaged older coach 2564 to the newer coach 2952 before it was delivered to the LAL.
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