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Dahlgren Branch

Postby CBRy » Wed May 23, 2012 11:49 am

While not exactly a railroad anymore, it DOES have a short section
of rail intact for speeder/handcar ops and is still intact as a ROW.
It is now a trail open for railfanning and walking.

Originally a USN line from Dahlgren VA to Fredericksburg VA. The part
of the line is still in use as far as the Solite Plant outside of Fredericksburg.

The question: has anyone heard anything more about the development
of this ROW? There was supposed to be an extension of the short part
of intact rail (about 1 mile, I think) and further improvements of the
walking/hiking part. Also a couple of pieces of rolling stock were
supposed to have been moved to the rail location as interpretive
exhibits. A caboose and wooden boxcar.
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Re: Dahlgren Branch

Postby RailVet » Wed May 23, 2012 1:53 pm

I was present for the trail's dedication a few years ago and rode a speeder up and down the short section of track a couple of times, and there is indeed old rolling stock on display at the western end of the trail. I haven't been back since that day, so I have no recent observations to report.

The Solite operation closed a number of years ago and, on the occasion of the trail dedication, I checked out the spur leading to the Route 3 grade crossing. It's largely intact but covered with brush, and the crossing has been pulled up and paved over. The GP7 went to a related operation on the north side of La Plata, MD. If you go to where Rosewick Road crosses the Popes Creek line, the locomotive should be easily visible on the west side of the track.
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