KSC NASA Railroad & Military Railroads

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KSC NASA Railroad & Military Railroads

Postby Trolleycar » Tue Jan 27, 2009 2:11 pm

there is 3 EMD SW 1500 Diesel Electric Locomotive Switchers & 60 Freight Cars tha is the Booster Cars and the hopper cars, flatcars ,

It would really cool to Model the KSC NASA Railroad On a Layout in HO or N Scale , It would be Unique Layout.

The NASA KSC Railroad is it a Federal Goverment Or Private Railroad but if its Private with Federal Goverment
for Private Services .

The Railroad is a Indusrial Railroad Of the state of Florida .

Does Military Industrial Railroads Are Mostly on Army Bases & Air Force Bases ,Navy Bases ,Marine Corps Bases.

Does Military Base Industrial Railroads are there usually have 2 to 4 Diesel Electric Locomotives , But Also now Hydro Fuel Cell Electric
Locomotives are being use too. When i see the Hydro Fuel Cell Electric Locomotive It look like a Diesel Electric Locomtive

That is U.S. Army Road switcher .

Re: KSC NASA Railroad & Military Railroads

Postby union21 » Sun Sep 06, 2009 9:14 pm

NASA here in Mississippi at Stennis Space Center used to receive it's Hydrogen fuel via Rail. Service has been switched to Barge. Southern Railway owned the Rail up to the Gate then Nasa from then on. The Rail Infrastructure at Stennis was completely removed in 2008. Most of the Rail was Foundry date stamped 1968. Stennis Included a Yard, Scale, Fuel Farm and Hydrogen Offload area.
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