Virginia & Truckee (and Motor Car 22)

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Virginia & Truckee (and Motor Car 22)

Postby STrRedWolf » Sat Apr 01, 2017 7:25 pm

An interesting find, as some of you already know, but I took a bit of a different route here that I'll detail in a bit.

Some of you already know about the Virginia & Truckee Railroad, a short line that does historical excursions over the summer months currently. It dates back to the 1870's, according to the Wikipedia article.

But what caught my attention is the unusual shape of Motor car 22. A friend of mine posted* this lovely photo, which got my attention. My, what an interesting shape, a "wind splitter". And the history on how it got preserved! I now wonder about making a 6-car set with two engines inspired off of these, one at each end. Man... I wonder if they still have the floor plans for that!

* ( You may wonder why the pic was posted in a Telegram chatroom. Well, this is a case where the furry fandom actually has an "invented" species with a similar head shape. The species is called a sergal, and the inventor hails from Japan. As you may tell from a drawn example or even a photomorph, that and V&T Railway Motor car 22 have some odd similarities. :) )
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