Twin Cities & Western opposes re-route

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Twin Cities & Western opposes re-route

Postby MILW261 » Mon Jan 07, 2013 6:33 pm

Saw this on Railway Age today: ... channel=94
TC&W's new news blog has some interesting stuff on it as well about this as well:

Bascially, the county that wants to build a proposed light rail line to the west-southwest suburbs of Minneapolis wants to get the TC&W out of the corridor it currently operates. Their idea is to run TC&W trains on a north-south rail line that crosses over the TC&W's current route and then route them back onto the line they currently use into the Twin Cities where said north-south rail corridor crosses it as well. Trouble is, the grades at both proposed connections are steep and fraught with defects design-wise as currently planned, which means TC&W (rightfully IMO) wants no part of the county's plan.
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