Discussion about shortline operator Genesee Valley Transportation, operator of the Delaware-Lackawanna; the Mohawk, Adirondack & Northern, the Falls Road Railroad; Depew, Lancaster & Western; and the Lowville & Beaver River railroads. Official site: GVTRAIL.COM.

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Genesee Valley Transportation was founded in 1985, marketing rail-related services to both private and public industry throughout the northeast. Today, GVT is headquartered in Batavia, NY, and operates the following railroads:

- Mohawk, Adirondack & Northern Railroad Corp.: The MA&N operates two separate divisions in the Adirondack region. The Northern Division runs from Carthage, NY to Lowville and Newton Falls, while the Southern Division runs from Utica, NY to Lyons Falls and via CSX trackage rights to Rome. The MA&N connects with CSX at both Carthage and Utica, and with the L&BR at Lowville.

- The Delaware-Lackawanna Railroad Co.: The DL began service August, 1993, as designated operator of over 85 miles of county-owned trackage around the Pocono region, headquartered in Scranton, PA. The DL runs from Scranton north to the city of Carbondale on lines of the former Delaware & Hudson, from Scranton east into Monroe County on lines of the former Delaware, Lackawanna & Western, and from Scranton south to Montage Mountain, on lines of the former Lackawanna & Wyoming Valley interurban line. The DL mainline runs over the former DL&W main from Scranton to Portland Junction (near Delaware Water Gap), where interchange is made with Norfolk Southern.

- Depew, Lancaster & Western Railroad Co., Inc. : DLWR began in 1989, with the takeover from Conrail of two separate branches around Lancaster, NY and Batavia, NY. The Lancaster Division (former DLW trackage) has trackage rights over Norfolk Southern for interchange in Buffalo Bison Yard. The Batavia Division (former LV) interchnages with CSX. DLWR also operates a reload facility in Depew.

- Falls Road Railroad: FRR operates the former NYC Falls Road from Brockport, NY to Lockport, NY, acquired from Conrail in 1996. Interchange is with CSX in Lockport.

- The Lowville & Beaver River Railroad Co.: The Lowville & Beaver River was started in 1872, and is the second oldest railroad in New York State. The Lowville & Beaver River runs from an interchange, with GVT subsidiary Mohawk, Adirondack and Northern Railroad (MHWA) to Croghan, New York. In 1993, the L&BR was purchased by Genesee Valley Transportation.

- Genesee & Mohawk Valley Railroad Co.

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