A real Caboose spotted 6/14/15

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A real Caboose spotted 6/14/15

Postby Train fan Mark » Tue Jun 16, 2015 10:12 am

What a treat I got on Sunday. Not even expecting it, I was out on a bike ride, urban exploring. And I ended up at high falls, at some historic terrace, with a view of the falls and the train trestle up and to the right. (if havent been there , there's quite a neat look into an old mined out shaft in the bedrock that housed some giant water turbines, way back when).

Well, this CSX train comes along heading East. Me and a few other people took a look as the giant locomotive passed on over the trestle.. Looked like a typical freight train.. graffitied grain cars going by.. But it was shorter than most, maybe 20 cars.. and had an unusual tail... It took me a second to focus because I just couldn't believe it.. A real old Caboose!! It was grey and blue and said C & O at the top. Just before it passed out of sight I realized there was even a guy leaning out the window waving to us.

I couldn't believe it.. I havent done THAT since I was about 5 years old in 1977 waving to trains that passed by on Trolley Blvd, and waiting for the caboose before they started to disappear around that time.
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