Status on The L. & B.R. & Utica & Black River Railroads?

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Status on The L. & B.R. & Utica & Black River Railroads?

Postby NYCUticaSyracuse81 » Tue Jun 09, 2015 6:04 pm

Hi, I have two questions here. A few weeks ago I did some railroad photography between Boonville and Carthage, then explored quite a bit of the Lowville & Black River Railroad. I was very impressed by both, and thrilled to have seen so many historic stations, bridges, and the rolling stock at Croghan. Expect for Castorlad, I couldn't believe that they demolished the station!

Question #1: What in store for the Lowville & Beaver River Railroad? I've read or heard multiple stories. I've been told that the track is going to be lifted and made into a multi-use trail. Wikipedia mentions a tourist railroad line, and a local I talked with in Castorland said that a businessman had an interest in buying it to service his company. Anybody know what the real scoop is here?

Question #2 I know that the NYC cut the Utica line between Lyons Falls and Lowville in 1964. My question is, does the railroad service anything between Carthage and Lowville? If not, when was that stretch abandoned? I know that the M.A.N. still uses the line as far north as Boonville; do they service anything north of there? Anything at Lyons Falls, or in between?

Thanks, CNYrailroadnut
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Re: Status on The L. & B.R. & Utica & Black River Railroads?

Postby RussNelson » Tue Jun 09, 2015 7:37 pm

My understanding is that the L&BR's engine and combine car will be moved to Croghan this summer. Needs some assistance from GVT. The goal is to use the line for a tourist train.

As far as I know, there is no traffic on the Utica & Black River's north end. GVT wants to pull the rails up and abandon the railbed. Lewis County had a half-million-dollar grant to buy the L&BR's rails and the U&BR's railbed after GVT pulled the rails there. They didn't want to have to pay the local contribution. I'm sure they expect the GVT to let the property go for taxes, because who's gonna buy a railbed from them?? So why pay a local contribution for a tourist railroad??

The PILOT expires December 31st. Something interesting will happen around that date.
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