SAL "doodlebug" in SW Fl.

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SAL "doodlebug" in SW Fl.

Postby ErieAtlantic7597 » Mon Jul 31, 2006 3:44 pm

When I first moved to South West Florida, January of 1971, Seaboard Coast Line railroad still provided passenger service. The power for the passenger train was a 1936, I believe, shovel nosed "doodlebug" pulling one flutted side passenger car. Later, I found out it was originally built for the Seaboard Air Line. It was one of two. The other being wrecked years before. Amtrak took over three months later, and the passenger service was discontinued to SW Florida. The "doodlebug" that trundled up and down the SW coast of Fl. was cut up shortly after the service ended.
I never took any pictures. And I saw each and every morning for three months. I'm certainly sorry about this today.

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