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General discussion about fallen trolley and interurban lines in North America, past and present.

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Welcome to the Fallen Trolley & Interurban Lines forum

Postby Aa3rt » Tue Feb 22, 2005 10:41 pm

Welcome to the Fallen Trolley & Interurban Lines forum on RAILROAD.NET!

-This forum is meant for the discussion of Fallen Trolley & Interurban Lines.

-Any members who wish to reference a current news article from another site are encouraged to sumarize the article in their own words, and provide a link back to the original.

-Thread titles may be edited for content and clarity at the Moderator's discretion.

-Offensive or abusive posts from anyone will be removed immediately.

-Any questions about the operation of this forum can be addressed to my email (which can be found by clicking on my profile name).

Welcome aboard! We look forward to your contributions!
Art Audley, AA3RT
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