Federal Funding Granted For Honolulu Rail Transit Project

The Honolulu Rail Transit Project has been approved to receive a share of the $510 million federal fund allocation for Hawaii, according to the statement by Senators Daniel Inouye and Daniel Akaka announced on Tuesday.  After a passing vote in Senate of 70 to 30, President Barack Obama recently signed the Conference Report, which grants funding for several projects in Hawaii in the next fiscal year.

The specific amount going toward rail construction is yet to be determined, but the rail project anticipates a $125 million share of funding to complete construction.  An additional $13 million is currently set aside for Native Hawaiian housing and $386,000 for the Native Hawaiian Housing Loan Guarantee Fund.  The measure will also allocate funds for marine mammal and sea turtle protection, youth programs, and other social improvements.

In addition to the Honolulu Rail Transit Project, federal funding will also go to smaller scale rail transit projects in cities other than Honolulu.  Hawaiian officials are encouraged by the federal support of these rail projects.  Federal funding will allow the cities to offer green options of transportation, and the new construction projects will create employment for residents as well.  The project must advance to a certain point, however, before it is able to actually receive funding.  If the project does not reach that designated stage before December 31, 2012, then the offer will expire.  Senator Daniel Inouye expressed this sense of urgency in a statement, saying, “We have planned this project and debated its merits for decades, and we must move forward.  We must set aside our differences and work together.”


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Anthony Harmon December 4, 2011 at 2:50 am

The long and short of a decision like this, for me personally, is that I am ashamed to be an American.

There used to be a commercial ad campaign for car repairs whose tag line was, “You can pay me now, or pay me later.”

It is plainly obvious that the fools in Washington and the nabobs of idiocy in California are perfectly happy with letting everyone else across the globe move into the 21st century while they harken back to the days of cars with rumble seats, 25¢ gasoline and pictures of Betty Grable…. God save us from these morons!

The list of coulda-shoulda-woulda opportunities in building a high-speed rail infrastructure reads like a battle plan for winning the War in the Pacific; except this time we have no generals and admirals willing to fight, no ships, planes and troops to carry the battle to the enemy and no will to even get our hands dirty… All the while, the Chinese find new and better ways of making everything we hold so dear and making us look like the crumbled ruins of Pax Americana. Idiots!

“It’s too expensive!”
“It’s a non-starter.”
“We need to focus our resources on areas where they will best be served…”

The last argument is the silliest of all. In the next 20+ years, there will be more people added to the population of California as there are currently living in the all the 5 boroughs in New York City. Also, what about the continued influx of people moving west across the United States?

May the Republicans who have attempted to kill off high speed rail rot in the juices of one of Herman Cain’s sex scandals…

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