Connecticut Congressman Not Happy With Metro North

Last week, on July 22nd, over 200 passengers riding Metro North had an extremely scary experience.   While heading from Southern Connecticut to New York city – over 100 degree heat caused the train to stop.

The train had no air conditioning which meant that the passengers were boxed in, stuck, and not moving in 100+ degree heat.   Passengers were fainting, throwing up, and many of them called 911.  You can imagine the discomfort and pure hysteria that many of the passengers were experiencing.

The heat wave in the east coast has been extremely painful – and Metro North didn’t foresee heat causing the wires to not work and thus have the train stop operating.   But the real frustration has come from the communication breakdown that caused this issue to not be resolved more quickly.

As recently reported by wtnh.com, Connecticut Congressman are not happy with Metro North and they are calling for an investigation.  The 200+ passengers are fuming, and many of them want answers and quite frankly, they deserve answers.  Congressman Himes is one of the most vocal voices explaining that this situation, while extremely bad, wouldn’t have been as bad if the communication between the Metro North train and the responders was improved.

At the end of the day situations like this are going to arise again.  It can come with the territory with taking public transportation.  However, what should not come with the territory is poor communication and a slow response time to a scary situation such as this.


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