Chinese Bullet Train Tests At 500 Km/Hr

Over the weekend, the largest rail vehicle manufacturer in China, CSR Corp. Ltd, tested its fastest model yet.  With speeds reaching 500 km per hour, the six-car bullet train easily surpasses the other Chinese trains that are already known for their speed.  Although Japan currently holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest train, testing at 581 km per hour, China has the Guinness Record for fastest overall passenger service with trains reaching around 300 km per hour.

This launch test came shortly after announcements that the country will be scaling back on rail construction spending.  Because of this decision and continued concerns surrounding the fatal high-speed collision earlier this year, CSR’s new bullet train will not actually begin service any time soon.  Nonetheless, CSR officials are proud of the innovative design.  They claim it is not just another bullet train, and the technology took two years of research to develop.  Besides the impressive speed capacity, the train has an outer shell that is 22.7% stronger than other trains currently running.  The needle-nosed design is inspired by a Chinese sword, which pays homage to the country’s history and culture.


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Andy January 1, 2012 at 1:28 am

That is seriously fast.

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