China Speeding Ahead With High-Speed Rail

China today unleashed its most aggressive high-speed rail initiative, covering over 1400 miles in just 8 hours. Pretty amazing, and it shows how exciting high-speed rail can actually be.

Weather.com noted that at these speeds, a train could go from New York City to Miami in 7 hours. Imagine how helpful that could be to travelers on the East Coast.

Granted, high-speed rail is far away in the US, as the Obama Administration’s aggressive plan has its detractors and hurdles, but China clearly believes in high-speed rail and travelers are benefiting from it.

China had the high-speed accident last year which killed 40 people, but that hasn’t slowed it’s progress as much as many had predicted. China is not planning on stopping here, they have plans to continue to build out rail lines which will cover even longer distances.


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