Passenger Rail

Seattle Mudslide Affects Rail Service

May 4, 2012

The Seattle times has reported that a mudslide hit downtown Seattle early Friday morning and will stop passenger rail service in the city until Sunday. The mudslide has affected the Sounder rail service from Everett and the Amtrak service from Seattle north. The area experienced heavy rains the last few days and the result was […]

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MBTA Debuts First Smartphone Rail Ticketing System

April 23, 2012

Courtesy of Engagdet, the MBTA will be debuting the first smartphone rail ticketing system for commuter rail. The new system, set to go into effect this fall will allow commuters to purchase a ticket on their smart phone. Conductors will then use a QR Code reader to scan the smartphone screen and confirm the ticket. […]

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$6 million Settlement for Rail Crossing Death

March 14, 2012

The Chicago Tribune has recently reported that a $6 million settlement was reached in the case of a 2010 rail crossing death in Illinois.  The victim, Katie Ann Lunn, was struck on April 16, 2010, by an Amtrak train traveling at nearly 80 mph while driving her SUV across a University Park rail crossing.  According […]

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Tragedy in Buenos Aires – Several Casualties – Train Smashes Into Platform

February 22, 2012

A tragedy took place in the capital of Argentina today as a train slammed into a train station platform.  Faulty brakes seem to be the cause of the crash which has taken at least 49 lives and probably many, many, more. The train was traveling at 16 miles per hour when it crashed into the […]

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New CTA Rail Cars Still Being Tested For Safety

January 23, 2012

Chicago’s CTA rail service and its rail car manufacturer Bombardier Transportation are still conducting stress tests and X-rays to determine if there is metal fatigue on the new shipment of rail cars.  On December 16, forty cars were pulled off of the Pink Line as a safety precaution and additional cars being manufactured were put […]

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Light-Rail Crime In Clackamas County Upsets Residents

January 18, 2012

The occurrence of three crime incidents in Clackamas County over the last three weeks is sparking debate over whether the possible addition of the Milwaukie light rail will create even more of a public safety hazard.  The first incident, on December 6th, occurred when a 14 year old high school student was assaulted by three […]

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