High-Speed Rail

China Speeding Ahead With High-Speed Rail

December 29, 2012

China today unleashed its most aggressive high-speed rail initiative, covering over 1400 miles in just 8 hours. Pretty amazing, and it shows how exciting high-speed rail can actually be. Weather.com noted that at these speeds, a train could go from New York City to Miami in 7 hours. Imagine how helpful that could be to […]

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Revised California High-Speed Rail Plan

April 2, 2012

According to the Los Angeles Times, numerous leaders in the Los Angeles area have backed a revised high-speed rail plan that will reduce costs by $30 billion.  Most of the cuts in the revised California’s high-speed rail plan are created by using existing tracks, as opposed to building new dedicated lines.  The new plan also […]

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Resignations Further Set Back California High-Speed Rail Project

January 13, 2012

Plans for a high-speed rail to span across the state of California, which has already endured much debate and criticism, is facing another setback.  Both the Chief Executive Officer, Roelof van Ark, as well as the board chairman of the project, Tom Umberg, stepped down from their positions Thursday.  Dan Richard, Governor Jerry Brown’s adviser […]

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Former Executive Found Not Guilty Of Negligence In Japan Train Crash

January 11, 2012

Masao Yamazaki, former president of one of Japan’s largest rail operators, was cleared of charges of negligence in the fatal 2005 commuter train crash.  Yamazaki was the rail official in charge of safety for the company in 1996 when it sharpened the curve where the crash occurred 9 years later.  The 2005 accident in the […]

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USDOT Awards $186 Million for Midwest High-Speed Rail

January 7, 2012

In a recent press release, it has been announced that U.S. Transportation Secretary LaHood has awarded $186 million to be used for high-speed rail in the Midwest.  The money will be given to the Illinois Department of Transportation, in hopes of reducing travel times and creating jobs.  According to Lahood, “the Department of Transportation’s investment […]

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Illinois Receives $186 Million High-Speed Rail Grant

January 4, 2012

The Illinois Department of Transportation, or IDOT, was awarded over $186 million Wednesday in order to fund its high-speed rail project.  Amtrak ridership has increased by 137% in the past five years between St. Louis and Chicago.  With the Great Lakes and Midwest economic region ranking as the world’s fifth largest economy by GDP, according […]

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