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CSX Double-TRacking 1998 Part 1

March 24, 2013

In 1998, I again followed CSX’s mainline across northern Indiana and Ohio to record the double-tracking and upgrading. Wellsboro, Indiana, where the GTW and C&O crossed had been simplified; the C&O diamonds were removed and the signals replaced.   Farther east, at Garrett, Indiana, the old B&O yard had been re-ballasted and the signals replaced. […]

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CSX Re-Double-Tracking 1997 Part 3

March 6, 2013

In Part 3 of our 1997 trip along CSX’s Cumberland mainline, we come to Greenwich, Ohio, where CSX crossed Conrail’s ex-Big Four “Bee Line” from Cleveland to Terre Haute, Indiana. No connecting tracks existed at this time, but CSX would inherit the “Bee Line” in the Conrail break-up in 1999. Within a year, connecting tracks […]

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CSX Re-Double-Tracking 1997 Part 2

February 26, 2013

Continuing our trek along CSX’s ex-B&O mainline, we come to Hamler, Ohio. Here CSX crosses the former Detroit Toledo & Ironton RR, that has just been transferred to the Indiana & Ohio Railway. The track gang was still re-laying the second track, which would help with the increased rail traffic from the future Conrail break-up. […]

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CSX Re-Double-Tracking in 1997

February 10, 2013

In 1997, CSX  was re-installing the second track on their former B&O mainline between Chicago and Deshler, Ohio. They were anticipating freight traffic to double after the Conrail break-up. Sadly, this also resulted in the classic color position signals being replaced. On August 6, 1997, I filmed the track gang adding the second track at […]

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PRR Position Light Signals on NS Marion Branch

August 17, 2012

Norfolk Southern’s Marion Branch extends from Goshen, Indiana down to Anderson. It continued all the way down to North Vernon, Indiana, where it used trackage rights on the B&O to reach Louisville. Once of Big Four heritage, and later NYC, this route was run dark, without block signals. In 1975, under Penn Central ownership, position […]

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Genesee &Wyoming Inc. Complete Short-Line Merger

July 24, 2012

As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, Genesee & Wyoming Inc., which is a short-life rail operator, has agreed to purchase RailAmerica INc. for $1.39 billion. The purchase was made at $27.50 per share, which was 11% higher than RailAmerica’s closing price on July 20. The acquisition will merge North America’s two largest short-lines and […]

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