Seattle to Everett is Finally Back

January 3, 2013

Two weeks ago, a vicious mudslide in┬ásouth of Everett, Washington caused havoc along with Seattle to Everett line. ┬áThe popular route for travelers coming into and out of Seattle from Everett couldn’t take advantage of Amtrak for the past 2 weeks. Today, as reported in The Seattle Times, service resumed. The mudslide was a result […]

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Amtrak Makes A Significant Step Towards High Speed Rail

November 26, 2012

Amtrak has launched a 110 MPH track on service between Chicago and St Louis. These are speeds which many say will help to show that high-speed rail in this country can be an reality one day. As reported in Business Week this new announcement made by Amtrak over the busy Thanksgiving weekend has received a […]

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November 25, 2012

On Thanksgiving Day, one of Amtrak’s Hiawathas to Milwaukee had a full-length “Super Dome” in the consist! The OCEAN VIEW is former Great Northern. Does anyone know why this car is on this train?

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Amtrak Now On Alert After Reports Of Drug And Alcohol Use By Train Operators

October 1, 2012

As reported in the Washington Post, Mechanics, Operators, and Engineers who work on Amtrak trains have been using drugs more often over the previous 6 years. This was uncovered by a Government watchdog and it is a serious concern. When we put ourselves and our children onto an Amtrak train – we are assuming that […]

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Amtrak’s Fallen THREE RIVERS

September 4, 2012

Amtrak’s THREE RIVERS, named for the three rivers that enter Pittsburgh, was begun on September 10, 1995 to replace a portion of the historic BROADWAY LIMITED. Running from the steel city to New York City, the train was extended over the rest of the route of the BROADWAY along the ex-B&O Willard Sub to Chicago […]

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Amtrak’s New Transportation Center in Normal, IL

August 26, 2012

On July 15, 2012, Amtrak opened a new transportation center on the north side of their ex-Chicago & Alton Route in Normal, IL. This sharp new facility features transfers to cabs and buses, LCD monitors for train and weather updates, and even a Subway. The town of Normal has invested a lot of capital in […]

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