Railroad.net Forum Has its One Millionth Post

August 12, 2012

Since the early 90s, the Railroad.net Forum; has been a free community for railfans to discuss passenger rail; Locomotives, Rolling Stock, and Equipment,

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Tragedy in Buenos Aires – Several Casualties – Train Smashes Into Platform

February 22, 2012

A tragedy took place in the capital of Argentina today as a train slammed into a train station platform.  Faulty brakes seem to be the cause of the crash which has taken at least 49 lives and probably many, many, more. The train was traveling at 16 miles per hour when it crashed into the […]

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50 Years Ago Today – Subways Became Automated

January 4, 2012

As discussed today in the Famous Daily, today marks the 50th anniversary of subway cars carrying passengers without drivers. The event was a true breakthrough in commuter travel.   As subway cars were able to carry passengers between Time Square and Grand Central Station without a driver having to do anything.  There was a worker on […]

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On a Christmas Day – The Best Friend of Charleston Inspried Many

December 24, 2011

Christmas day marks the 181 year anniversary of the Best Friend of Charleston. The best friend of Charleston was a passenger train – the first ever railroad locomotive train built in the United States. On Christmas day in 1830 – this railroad locomotive ran for the first time. It would be used as a passenger […]

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Exclusive – Railroad.net Interviews Moving Platforms Guru – Paul Priestman

December 20, 2011

Every now and again, an idea comes around which can revolutionize an industry.  These ideas sometimes die right there – at the point of conception.  Other ideas get developed, but never make it to market.  Then, there are the ideas that do come to market – but never succeed.  And finally – there are the […]

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2012 Is Going To Come With Tons of New Railroad Jobs

December 7, 2011

As high-speed rail construction begins, Railroad Jobs will be created.  As the economy bounces back, freight rail companies will flourish, and thus, new jobs will be created.  The historically stable railroad industry is going to stay stable while growing – so it will be a good time to be looking for Railroad jobs. For instance, […]

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