Railroad.net Upgrades Its Widely Popular Forum

May 26, 2013

The Railroad.net forum is one of the strongest and longest standing Railroad communities in the world. The forum has over 76,000 topics which have accrued over 1.06 million posts. Over Memorial Day weekend, the technology which powers the Railroad.net forum was given a major upgrade. The new forum is greatly improved and it also corrected […]

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China Speeding Ahead With High-Speed Rail

December 29, 2012

China today unleashed its most aggressive high-speed rail initiative, covering over 1400 miles in just 8 hours. Pretty amazing, and it shows how exciting high-speed rail can actually be. Weather.com noted that at these speeds, a train could go from New York City to Miami in 7 hours. Imagine how helpful that could be to […]

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Amtrak Makes A Significant Step Towards High Speed Rail

November 26, 2012

Amtrak has launched a 110 MPH track on service between Chicago and St Louis. These are speeds which many say will help to show that high-speed rail in this country can be an reality one day. As reported in Business Week this new announcement made by Amtrak over the busy Thanksgiving weekend has received a […]

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Train From Vegas to LA In The Works

November 23, 2012

Commuters who have sat in awful traffic on the 15 headed between Las Vegas and LA may be in for a great surprise. A party train may be springing up at the end of 2013 to connect the two popular destinations. The train would serve a big market – as many Southern Californians head to […]

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Amtrak Now On Alert After Reports Of Drug And Alcohol Use By Train Operators

October 1, 2012

As reported in the Washington Post, Mechanics, Operators, and Engineers who work on Amtrak trains have been using drugs more often over the previous 6 years. This was uncovered by a Government watchdog and it is a serious concern. When we put ourselves and our children onto an Amtrak train – we are assuming that […]

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Train Derails in Maryland

August 21, 2012

As reported by WBALTV, a train has derailed in Ellicott City, Maryland. Sadly, it has been reported that two people have been killed. Over 20 train cars overturned in the derailment which will go down as the worst train incident in the history of Ellicott. Several cars that were parked below a bridge were crushed. […]

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