Amtrak’s New Transportation Center in Normal, IL

On July 15, 2012, Amtrak opened a new transportation center on the north side of their ex-Chicago & Alton Route in Normal, IL. This sharp new facility features transfers to cabs and buses, LCD monitors for train and weather updates, and even a Subway. The town of Normal has invested a lot of capital in upgrading this uptown area, and Amtrak was not overlooked.

The station on the south side of the tracks was built in 1990, to replace to aging Bloomingon station that was on the south side of town. It is unclear what the future of the 1990 station is.

In this video, Amtrak’s northbound LINCOLN SERVICE stops to pick up more than 50 waiting passengers:


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Joseph Toth, Jr. August 27, 2012 at 1:08 am

It is great to see how Amtrak has survived the Modern Day Robber Baron Republicans and continues to not only improve its core lines but work with communities across America to restore passenger service so middle class Americans have an economical form of transportation in light of the continued high fuel costs and expensive air travel.

President Obama clearly stated during his campaign speeches before he was elected President of the United States that he would be taking on problems left behind by (Republicans) and there is a good chance that he cannot solve them in one term!

He has certainly proved that his committment for better train travel in the US is being met. Let us all hope he will be re-elected so Amtrak and other rail passenger projects can be fullfilled and not killed by a group of politicians who want to bury the middle class and poor in America.

Joseph Toth, Jr.

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