Amtrak Trains Included in New Rail Simulator

September 23, marked the release of Railworks 3: Train Simulator 2012.  The Train Simulator is created by the UK based Railsimulator.com Ltd. and is well known for putting gamers in the cab of real passenger and freight trains used throughout the world.  Past Railworks titles have won awards, such as 2010 Simulation Game of the Year and Railworks features the most extensive collection of realistic locomotives, routes, landscaping tools, which allow users to create and expand a virtual railroad in nearly any way they can think of.  The company has standing agreements with well known North American freight companies, such as BNSF, Union Pacific, Canadian National and Norfolk Southern, but a recent Market Watch article reveals that Railsimulator.com has now also partnered with Amtrak.

Railworks 3 will feature Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor route.  Rail simulator fans will now be able to take the controls of Amtrak trains that they ride every day.  The simulator also plans to include the P42DC Genesis locomotive and the high-speed Acela Express, which leads to endless possibilities for simulating Amtrak rail service.

For those train enthusiasts who do not want to be limited to United States trains, Railworks 3 also features many of the most well-known trains in the United Kingdom and Germany.  Railworks 3: Train Simulator 2012 can be purchased online on steampowered.com and other licensed game retailers.

Railworks 3 sounds like an exciting and entertaining way for railfans to embrace their lifelong interest.  For those who dream of conducting a train, this rail simulator is the most accessible and cost-efficient way to partially live this dream.  In addition to the fun of experiencing famous and historic train routes, this simulator also allows users to explore their imaginations and create their dream rail route, which translates into hours of entertainment.  Users can take refuge in knowing that instead of years of construction and political threats to funding,  the world of Railworks allows for train routes to be built and operational in mere minutes. The addition of Amtrak trains and the Norteast Corridor to the already extensive list of real rail routes makes the possibilities even more exciting.  For railroad enthusiasts with a little extra time on their hands, Railworks 3: Simulator 2012 looks like a worthwhile invesetment.


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