$6 million Settlement for Rail Crossing Death

The Chicago Tribune has recently reported that a $6 million settlement was reached in the case of a 2010 rail crossing death in Illinois.  The victim, Katie Ann Lunn, was struck on April 16, 2010, by an Amtrak train traveling at nearly 80 mph while driving her SUV across a University Park rail crossing.  According to evidence, the rail crossing signals had been deactivated by maintenance workers, leaving Lunn unaware of the approaching train. The Illinois Central Railroad took responsibility for the the operational error.

Lunn’s family will use the settlement to support the Keep the Smile Alive Katie Lunn Fund.  One of the family members, Jerry Lunn, shared that, “our primary focus has been and will continue to be the safety of others. We will continue to work toward that goal with the hope that future loss of life can be prevented.”

It’s very unfortunate that an easily avoided error resulted in the loss of an innocent life.  Operating a safe railroad is a difficult task in its own right, so mindless errors like a deactivated railroad crossing are unacceptable.  While no amount of money can truly be worth the loss of a life, the $6 million settlement is deserved.




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