50 Years Ago Today – Subways Became Automated

As discussed today in the Famous Daily, today marks the 50th anniversary of subway cars carrying passengers without drivers.

The event was a true breakthrough in commuter travel.   As subway cars were able to carry passengers between Time Square and Grand Central Station without a driver having to do anything.  There was a worker on board in case something went wrong, but the train ran on its own.

Last year, Google was granted a patent for a driverless car.  And this idea of course scares many as driving accidents are all too common today.   If driverless cars ever were on the road – there would be public support, but also, there would be public outcry.

Either way, 75 years ago, automated subway cars seemed like they were impossible.  However on January 4th, in 1962 – successful innovation gave New Yorkers a highly popular, efficient, and safe way to travel beneath the city.


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